When you buy on our site, we ensure that your purchase is always accompanied by its certificate of authenticity

Le Sac D'Or has partnered with, an independent laboratory approved by the Minister of Research and Innovation . ( their website )
But what does this certificate that will accompany your purchase actually bring you?
It's very simple, when your bag has a certificate issued by, the latter acts as guarantor if your bag turns out to be counterfeit. Their very low percentage of errors and their knowledge of luxury allow them to guarantee you a full refund if you realize months or years later that your bag is a counterfeit. So you no longer have to worry about getting scammed!

A partnership for even more authenticity

Thanks to this association, we are able to provide you with a certificate of authenticity for each luxury item you purchase on our site.


Check your certificate of authenticity

Nothing could be simpler, click on the button above and fill in your certificate number . Otherwise you can flash the QR code on your certificate.

Would you like to receive the certificate and invoice in PDF format by email? Fill out this form with the serial number of the bag in question and we will send you the documents within 24 hours.

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